Debt Relief Canada Helps Canadians With Over $10,000 Of Debt!
Debt Relief Is a Canadian Program Which Eliminates Up To 80% Of Your Debts. Debt Relief Enables You To Settle Your Debts For Much Less Than You Actually Owe–All Without Declaring Bankruptcy! Fill In The Form Below To See If You Qualify!

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Recent Settlements

DebtSettlementAmount SavedLender
$6,354.23$2,833.32$3,520.91American Express
$15,050.00$5,000.00$10,050.00Amex Bank of Canada
$15,676.96$4,050.23$11,626.73Royal Bank of Canada
$13,353.99$4,233.57$9,120.42Capital One
$10,234.55$3,555.00$6,679.55Bank of Nova Scotia
$4,843.76$2,000.00$2,843.76Bank of Nova Scotia
$7,955.43$1,300.00$6,655.43Canadian Tire Bank
$11,553.12$4,600.00$6,953.12Capital One

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